Jamelle and Brandon (TSR) Show Notes

What they do? 

Background singers for Carrie Underwood and Gretchin Wilson for over 5 years, now formed country duo Two Story Road and are working on first major release with producer Mark Bright


What did we talk about? 

 Chatted about people leaving the door open on the tour bus, how to network without being “that guy”, how they met and dating at Belmont University, being a “player”, first gigs out of college, auditioning for Grethin Wilson, cowboy boots, trying to have a family and maintain life on the road, playing the solo from the record, advice for being a background vocalist, how to keep up a long distance relationship, starting up a country duo without a label, building a team, and breaking bad (of course)


Where can you find them online? 





Other reference resources: 

Ending song credit: Better When You're Home- Two Story Road (unreleased) 

Intro song mixed and mastered by Axis: http://www.axisound.com

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